Okay. Full disclosure time. I totally stole the title of this post from Geoffrey Palmer, a man who’s proven himself a dab hand at weaving words. You know what else the talented swine is good at? Animating images, that’s what! Look at this! Just look at this animation he’s put together for the Man Made God Kickstarter. Seriously, how amazing is this!?

When this arrived in my inbox, I swear it was all I could do not to start crying on the train station (I was standing on a train station at the time). The man is a singular talent and if you’ve got a spare moment you should absolutely go visit him on Twitter and pledge your allegiance. I first became aware of Geoffrey’s work thanks to an animated intro he put together for Loading Ready Run’s MTG streaming channel (which I believe you can find here), and while he’s made a name for himself among the MTG community in bringing cards to life, he was more than capable of turning his skills to the world of comics.

Oh, and in case I forget: the artwork that’s been animated here has been provided by Ash Jackson, Davide Tinto, Mike Bunt, Verity Glass and Nathan Ashworth.

This beautiful animation will be running at the start of the Kickstarter video for Volume 4, following by a further minute of me waffling to the camera. Don’t worry, I aim to keep it brief.

The Kickstarter for Volume 4 goes live on Saturday 27 August 2016, folks! We’ll be at Melksham Comic Con that weekend, where, at 12pm on Saturday, I’ll be doing a special panel all about the new book. I hope to see you there and on Kickstarter!

Much love,