Hey gang!

Very happy to announce that the Kickstarter for Afterlife Inc. Volume 4: Man Made God will be launching on Saturday 27 August 2016 – that’s, like, just 11 days away!


Man Made God has been in development for much, much longer than I would have liked, but with my recent health troubles (now, hopefully, over) it’s taken me the better part of a year just to get a point where I can give it the attention it truly deserves. Plus, making a book like this, at a level of quality I’m happy with, is ridiculously expensive, and Kickstarter is far from a magic wand to solve all your problems. Even with the benefits of crowdfunding, having run the numbers it looked as though I’d never be able to make ends meet. Thankfully, however, I found a solution. This past year I’ve been working on Volume 4 in secret, squirrelling money away to fund as much of the book myself as I could. As such, Man Made God is already 50% funded and completed! This new Kickstarter campaign will therefore be just to fund the remainder plus printing.

Volume 4: Man Made God will be 172 full-colour pages long, and can be yours for a pledge of £17 (including postage). Once the campaign ends, all backers will immediately receive a PDF of Chapter 1, followed by a PDF of each chapter as it’s completed, culminating in a print copy of the book once it’s all wrapped up. Man Made God will also be released, in page instalments, here on the Afterlife Inc. website.

Interested? Well, how about this blurb to further whet your whistle!

When corporate con-artist Jack Fortune’s life came to an abrupt end, he discovered an afterlife in chaos, leaving him with no option but to take over, modernise and turn a tidy profit. Now, under Jack’s visionary leadership, Afterlife Inc. goes from strength to strength, improving quality of death for all. But when one of the afterlife’s former rulers returns, public opinion shifts massively against Jack’s branded idealism and dangerous thinking. When faced with heaven’s legitimate owners, can Jack be trusted to relinquish his stolen power – and should he?

Thanks for the support, gang. See you in 11 days on Kickstarter!