Welcome to the Empyrean, neither heaven nor hell, but something in between. Billions of souls reside here under the care of Afterlife Inc. From a plane journey with an unlikely destination, to a deceased computer program, an invasion from beyond time and space, and adventures with the world’s greatest (fictional) detective, these are their stories.

Final Destination
Origin of Species
Silver Screen
Death of a Salesman
On High
From Now On
Non-Denominational Holiday Special 2011

Sinister councils, (re)assassination atempts and the machinations of Henry VIII… it’s all in a day’s work for CEO Jack Fortune and the employees of Afterlife Inc. But can Jack’s corporate dream survive an incursion from life itself in the form of Project Otherside and its secret weapon, Jon Antrobus, a man too dangerous to be allowed to die!

Near Life Part 1
Near Life Part 2
Near Life Part 3
Near Life Part 4
Dead Days
The Wait

The crossover that spawned a multiverse and gave rise to Big Punch Studios! When Zachary Briarpatch, wielder of the legendary 7STRING blade, crash lands on the Empyrean, he soon finds himself in conflict with undead corporation Afterlife Inc. Can the best of two worlds prevent the destruction of both? Or will the sinister Requiem win out?

The Heavenly Chord Part 1
The Heavenly Chord Part 2

Manna. Energy source of the dead. For Afterlife Inc. there is no greater resource in their ongoing mission to modernise the hereafter. But when Jack Fortune attempts to revolutionise the manna industry, little could he have anticipated the horror his actions would unleash. A dark appetite has paradise in its sights… can Afterlife Inc. survive the coming harvest?

Lifeblood Part 1
Lifeblood Part 2
Lifeblood Part 3
Lifeblood Part 4

When con-artist Jack Fortune died and discovered an afterlife in chaos, taking over and running it like a business seemed the only logical solution. Now, under Jack’s leadership, Afterlife Inc. goes from strength to strength. But what right does Jack have to the awesome power at his disposal? And when faced with the return of the archangels, heaven’s true rulers, can he be trusted to relinquish the throne – and should he?

Second Life
Man Made God Part 1
Man Made God Part 2
Man Made God Part 3
Man Made God Part 4
Man Made God Part 5

The parts that will not fit. Oddities and extras from the world of Afterlife Inc.

The Everthere
The Black Room
Up The Hill Backwards
The Adventure